Which of the CleanCut™ products will you choose?

CleanCut Step

The CleanCut Step™ is an affordable bathtub to shower conversion. This bathtub cut-out is complete within hours! This option suits the needs of customers who have a steel, cast iron or acrylic bathtub, and wish to convert their tub to a shower without the mess, inconvenience and cost of a full washroom renovation.

$795.00 +HST

CleanCut Ultra-Low

The CleanCut Ultra-Low™ is another bathtub to shower conversion option that is also complete within hours. This option suits the needs of customers who have high profile acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs and are interested in a convenient, mess-free tub to shower conversion for their deep tub.

$1095.00 +HST

CleanCut Door

The CleanCut Door™ is a bathtub cut-out with a door. It provides the safety offered by a bathtub cut out, while preserving the functionality of a regular bathtub. For the customer's convenience, the door can be configured to open on the left or right. This option suits the needs of customers who require the safety and accessibility of a step-in shower, but enjoy the luxury of a relaxing bath. The water-tight door makes this possible.

$1495.00 +HST

CleanCut Convertible

The CleanCut Convertible™ offers the option of a safe, step-in shower or a full bath. The step-in shower coverts back to a full tub within seconds by inserting the water-tight panel. This option suits the needs of customers who wish to convert their bathtub to a walk in stand-up shower, but would like the option of having their tub convert back to a full bathtub when desired.

$1495.00 +HST

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