Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why should I refinish my fixture instead of just replacing it?

A -

Bathtub Replacement
Bathtub Refinishing
There is a lot of work that goes into replacing a bathtub. Although a tub alone costs as low as $150, the ultimate cost of labour and materials required to complete the job is $2000-$4000 (on average). In order to successfully replace a tub, a carpenter, plumber and a tile setter must be hired.
On average, bathtub resurfacing costs about 15% the cost of replacing.
In order to successfully complete a replacement of a bathtub
  • plumbing must be uninstalled and reinstalled
  • tiles must be demolished and replaced
  • the construction debris must be cleaned up and disposed of
  • the new tub must be installed
Bathtub refinishing takes an average of 3-7 hours to complete. Within as little as 4 hours of Superior Refinishing completing your bathtub reglazing your new tub is ready for use.
Replacing a tub will always result in a considerable amount of mess
  • the removal of the existing tub
  • the demolition of the tiles required to successfully remove a tub
  • dust and dirt in the surrounding area is unavoidable
As mentioned above, our professional surface refinishing technician is in and out of your house, business, apartment or hotel within 3-7 hours of arrival, leaving no mess behind.

Q - How can I clean my stained, yellowed or discoloured bathtub, tiles or sink?

A - Over time, the protective coating on any surface wears away. This allows dirt and grime to penetrate the base of the surface, causing a yellow, stained or dull look. Unfortunately, the only way to obtain a brand new bright, white and clean surface is to replace or refinish the fixture.

Q - What should I do to prepare my surface for refinishing?

A - In order to prepare for surface refinishing, remove all items from the area in which the refinishing is taking place and ensure there are no drips or leaks from the faucets.

Q - Should I try a DIY (Do it yourself) bathtub resurfacing kit?

A - Not only does it take years of experience to achieve a shiny and long lasting finish, it also requires expensive equipment and materials to safely and properly refinish a surface. In addition, the DIY kits available include EPOXY coatings, which lose their shine, crack and yellow quickly. Rolling or brushing on these coatings will not provide the shiny finish that is achieved when sprayed on.

Q - Will there be an odor during the refinishing process?

A - As with any refinishing coating, there will be an odor during the refinishing process. Superior Refinishing has worked to limit the strength of the odor produced by always using an odor eliminator added to the top coat and a high-powered ventilation system, ventilating the fumes produced directly to the outside.

Q - Why should I choose Superior Refinishing over other bathtub refinishing companies?

A -

Superior Refinishing
Most other bathtub refinishing companies
Products used
Superior Refinishing uses Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Resin which is the most time tested highest quality coating available to the refinishing industry
  • Acrylic Urethane - out performs Polyester Urethane, Enamels, iso-free Acrylic Polymer, and Modified Epoxy or Epoxy Acrylic
  • dries much faster in as little as (4 hours) with our Glas-tech 9200/9300 coating
  • Acrylic Urethane is much harder and more durable compared to inferior coatings which will decrease the risk of chips and scratches
  • maintains colour and shine for years longer than Polyester, Acrylic Polymer, enamels and Epoxies
  • has lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with our green-tech 9300 coating
  • Green-tech 9300 is legal and compliant with the government’s stricter VOC regulation. There is no other coatings in the refinishing industry that can compare to the performance of Glas-tech 9000, Glas-tech 9200 and Green-tech 9300
The other companies tend to use coatings which are susceptible to yellowing, cracking, grazing and fading of the surface and do not produce a durable finish. These products look great at first but the finish will quickly lose its gloss/shine and become very dull looking sometimes in as little as a few weeks.
Time required to complete the job
Superior Refinishing uses the best (and most expensive) of the finishes. It has high pencil hardness, a high flexibility rating (resists cracking) and has very slight dulling. Overall, the best finish. The fixture can be used in as little as 4 hours following the bathtub reglazing.
Although most companies claim to have the best products and use the finest materials in the industry they almost all use Polyesters, Epoxies, iso-free Acrylic Polymers and enamels even other urethane products which don't have the same properties as our product and usually require a minimum 24-48 hour drying period. These products are simply inferior to Superior Refinishing's Acrylic Urethane Resin.
Customer convenience
Superior Refinishing's use of superior products ensures customer convenience. As mentioned above, quick dry times on Superior Refinishing's projects eliminates the inconvenience caused by having a fixture out of order for a minimum of 24-48 hours. Superior Refinishing removes the overflow and reapplies 100% silicone on every job. We can also remove and re-install the tub drain body and hardware, buff and polish the refinished surface and apply a slip-resistant surface. We always remove all masking paper and leave absolutely no over-spray or mess behind, ensuring customer satisfaction on every project.
Almost all other companies do not use Acrylic Urethane because they may not know how to work safely or apply this coating to get a glossy smooth finish or they do not want to spend the extra money to ensure the customer gets the most superior product available in our industry. Their products are not up to par and require a lengthy drying period. Occupants of single bathroom homes, apartments, hotels and commercial units would be particularly inconvenienced by an out of order bathtub for 24-48 hours. Also, many other companies do not remove the masking paper or reapply 100% silicone. They will reapply nothing at all or latex caulking which gets hard, cracks, yellows and is not water resistant which can lead to water getting behind the fixture and causing damage. Many companies cut corners on preparation of the surface to be refinished which will lead to premature coating failure. Also the will not mask/cover absolutely everything in the spray area to save time and money. This leads to over-spray and dust being left behind which can be hazardous if not disposed of properly.
Superior Refinishing
Superior Refinishing is one of few companies that are using products and refinishing techniques to ensure a long lasting durable finish. Don't settle for nothing but the best.
  • ALIPHATIC ACRYLIC URETHANE will not crack or yellow over time, GUARANTEED
  • creates a surface that is harder, yet flexible enough to withstand the impact of dropped objects
  • provides terrific stain resistance and colour retention for many years
The product and supplier used by Superior Refinishing has been an industry leader for the past 35 years. Our product Glas-Tech 9000 has been used on over 40 million successful applications world wide since introduced to the refinishing industry in 1978 and is currently used by hundreds of refinishing companies across the globe. If the provided care instructions are followed, fixtures reglazed by Superior Refinishing can last well over 10 years before they will need a revitalization.

Q - Where did Superior Refinishing get its name?

A - Superior Refinishing prides itself on its use of all superior products, preparation and application techniques despite our products and techniques costing us more. We value the longevity of all our refinishing projects and the satisfaction it brings to our customers. We want to ensure customer satisfaction on every job and we will do what ever it takes to make sure our customers remain our customers.